Appetizers, Fries & Wings

Additional Sauce $0.75


Scrapple Fries 6.75
deep fried scrapple strips, served with sriracha ketchup, ketchup, or syrup
Mozzarella Sticks 7.99
battered and cheesy, served with marinara sauce
Cheddar Poppers 8.25
crispy cheddar stuffed jalapeno poppers, served with ranch
Broccoli Bites 7.85
battered delicious broccoli bits and cheddar, served with ranch
Mac & Cheese Bites 7.99
crispy and creamy pepperjack mac bites, served with ranch (add fries $1.00)
Onion Rings Sm 5.50
Lg 8.75
crunchy and flavorful, beer battered spanish onions
Chicken Fingers 9.50
chicken fingers with french fries, served with honey mustard or bbq sauce
Buffalo Fingers 8.99
buffalo tossed chicken fingers, served with blue cheese or ranch (add fries $1.00)
Chicken Parm Bites 9.25
boneless chicken bites covered in marinara and provolone (add fries $1.00)
Cheddar Cheese Curds 8.99
Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds breaded in crispy potato flakes

Tots Add $1.00

Sm Lg
Regular 4.25 6.75
Cheese 5.25 7.75
with cheddar cheese sauce
Bacon & Cheese 5.99 9.25
with bacon and cheddar cheese sauce
Old Bay 4.75 6.99
tossed in old bay seasoning
Cajun 4.75 6.99
tossed in cajun seasoning
Buffalo 4.99 7.50
tossed in buffalo sauce and drizzled with blue cheese
Bacon, Cheese & Ranch 6.50 9.75
loaded with bacon, cheddar cheese sauce, and drizzled with ranch
BBQ Pork & Cheese 6.75 9.75
with bbq pork and cheddar cheese sauce
NEW! Pork Roll & Cheese 5.99 9.25
with pork roll bits and cheddar cheese sauce
Pizza Fries 5.50 8.25
with marinara sauce and provolone cheese


Served with Ranch or Blue Cheese
Dry – No sauce/Naked – No Flour

10 Pieces 9.99
30 Pieces 27.99
50 Pieces 44.99
100 Pieces 79.99
Veggie Wings (8pc) 9.99
100% Meatless Wings, made using mushroom protein, served with sauce of your choice

Wing Sauces

Honey Hot Hot
Extra Hot BBQ
Spicy BBQ Honey BBQ
Sriracha BBQ Sriracha
Butter Garlic Butter
Garlic Butter Parm Honey (Add .75ยข per 10pc)
Old Bay Hot Sauce
Garlic Parm
Garlic, Parm Cheese, and Hot Sauce

Extra Bleu cheese or Ranch

10pc (3.25 oz) 1.00
30pc (8 oz) 2.99
50pc (16 oz) 5.99